The following articles show how a cashless society is becoming an imminent reality.  They show numerous ways that a cashless society becomes profitable for key players, and they highlight the steady progression of technology from things like cashless wristbands and palm reading devices, to RFID implants.
Nevertheless, most of these articles (and others like them) fail to address the questions and concerns that we have.  They sometimes present the problem, but do not provide the answers.  Check out other articles on this site (and videos on the End Time Survivors YouTube channel) for a clearer understanding of how to prepare, practically and spiritually, for where these developments are taking us.
Banks are closing ATMs and branches in an attempt to ‘nudge’ users towards digital services – and it’s all for their own benefit.

This is the video link for a very good video about the ID system in India. 

Donald Trump, King Cyrus, and the "third temple coin"... what's the connection between the three?  Read this article to find out.

Intriguing insight into ownership of US company microchipping its employees.

Microchipping movement moves to America - US company partners with Biohax to offer microchips to employees.

Swedish billionaire puts forward money to catalyze change in the UN.

Sydney man has Opal card implanted into hand to make catching public transport easier.

This article highlights the imminent end of physical currency.  Worth the read!

How far-reaching is the human-microchipping agenda?  A Swedish tech firm has now implanted seventy-five of their employees, a number which is only bound to increase.

A group of workers from Belgium have joined an increasing number of people with microchips inserted in their hand.

MasterCard global exec predicts a cashless Australia within 5 to 10 years.

This article looks at six card-only shops in Sydney, Australia in the context of the rising cashless economy. 

A cashless society may already be in play in a small village in India. 

What would you think, hypothetically, if we said it will soon become trendy to have a microchip implant used for buying and selling? And what would you think if we said that's already happening, now?!

This article explores how the media is involved in covering up the shocking truth about climate change.

“Water ATMs” are now being used in India and Africa, where people can access clean water by using a smart card.  Innovative indeed.  But we see it as conditioning for what lies ahead.  One day it will take the Mark just to get something as basic as clean water.

This article contains a tempting way for panhandlers and other needy people to be almost guaranteed plenty of food in a cashless society.  On so many levels, and for so many people, it makes perfect sense.  Caring members of the public would welcome a way to guarantee that gifts to the poor will only be spent on food; and so donations would most likely increase for any who are in genuine need.  But the Bible tells us that it is all part of a diabolical plan that we must reject if we want to be right with God.

A tongue-in-cheek article, written in early 2014 (below), mentioned the advantages of using body parts for identification, over a phone or credit card.  It says that: "anything", including one's forehead, can be turned into a "contactless payment device".  Revelation 13:16-17 mentions that the Mark of the Beast will be put "... in their right hand, or in their foreheads, and that no man may be able to buy or sell, save he who had the mark."

Children are being conditioned to accept the cashless society.   Cashless technology, such as the wristband featured here, is not just convenient but fashionable.

The article below deals with the idea that cash gives us more privacy and more control over how we spend it.