Is it possible to leave the system?  What are the consequences if we choose to leave... or choose not to?  This article explores the narrow path we need to tread in our relationship with the State system, especially as the world gets spiritually darker.

There are heaps of conspiracies out there, though not all are equally significant.  What's the biggest conspiracy of all time?  Read this article to find out!

There are some serious flaws in official SDA teaching; is it still possible to learn from them?  Read this article to find out!

An insightful look at what "the blood of the Lamb" really means for those seeking to follow Christ.

We often treat temporal things like they are eternal, and eternal things like they are temporary.  But when we get them into proper perspective, it is surprising just how short human existence has been, from start to finish… even in the light of all that modern science can teach us.

Is this web site unbalanced?  Does it give too much importance to Bible prophecy?  Are we just more kooks trying to scare people and make wild predictions?  Please read this article to get a better understanding of the importance of Bible prophecy, and the very positive influence it can have on our faith as Christians.

The destruction of the earth through such things as global warming has reached a point where no single government can reverse it, much less small groups of individuals.  The situation is about as close to “hopeless” as anything could be.  And yet it continues to act as a litmus test of character, i.e. whether people are prepared to individually step out of the rat race of consumption that is devouring the world, even if it is guaranteed not to produce the change that is needed universally to save the world.

After Jesus comes back, what then?

Four major themes of Bible prophecy are examined to show how all of them come from the same source.  Identifying this source should be the ultimate goal or spirit of all prophecy, whether from within the Bible or from some other source.

Studying Bible prophecy is not so much about predicting dates, as it is about understanding how God is working through history, and getting some perspective about where we are in the overall process.

This article was written 30 years ago.  It illustrates two things:  1. How accurately it predicted what is happening today; and 2. How slowly, yet doggedly, the banks have moved toward what is ultimately going to be that Mark.

What follows is an article critiquing the best-selling Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. It was written in 2001.  Much of the material from this article was later covered in the first chapter of the novel Survivors, when the author attempted to set things straight with regard to how the LaHaye/Jenkins story should have unfolded if it were to be consistent with what the Bible says.

This article, written 30 years ago (in 1986), summarises many of the key things to look for in terms of where the world is heading.  It seems more relevant now than when it was first written.

The Revelation describes a band of survivors who are granted divine protection during the coming Tribulation.  They represent about one person for every 50,000 (or more) people on Earth shortly before Jesus returns.  So who are these elite spiritual warriors?

This article seriously examines the theory that 144,000 descendants from the twelve tribes of Israel will be (or are being) brought together for the last few years before Jesus returns.  In particular, it asks how we are going to be able to identify these people, considering that ten of the tribes no longer exist.  There is only one accurate way to do that, and this article describes it.

You could be one of the Two Witnesses.  But before you assume too much, check out this article, and especially the need to have a second witness before you can expect anyone else to agree with your claim.

After stressing (in part 1) the need to have at least one other person to work with, we stress (in this sequel) the importance of being willing to work with as few as one or two other people in order to have the authority and blessing of God on your ministry. The call is away from the multitudes and toward a life of apparent rejection and failure as the price we pay for obedience to Jesus.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, does not get much recognition from Protestants.  This article reverses that… a bit; but also reminds us that we can share in Mary’s task of “bringing Jesus to the world”.  An interesting theory about Paul’s comments on women is also included.