If you think you are not being given a fair hearing on this forum (or any other for that matter) please read this article, to get a bigger picture of the issues as they affect all of us.

This one comes from another source, and has been slightly edited to fit with what is being said on this web site.  Brace yourselves, because it’s pretty strong!

You’re not just a grain of sand tossed about in the sea of eternity.  Your life can count for eternity.  Read this today, and let it change the rest of your life!

Our strength as Christians flourishes most when we recognise just how weak we really are.  This paradox, and our need to remember it constantly, is discussed in this article.

Strong beliefs and strong disagreements seem to go hand in hand.  But a very simple technique can help us to change other people, and get closer to the truth ourselves as well.

Are some problems impossible to solve?  Or could it be that solving them is just incredibly “inconvenient”?

Is the system rotten to the core?  Or is it just a mixture of good and evil?  The answer to that could determine the direction that our lives should be taking.

When you think of wisdom, who do you think of?  Solomon is famous for having wisdom, and yet his wisdom is foolishness by comparison to the world’s greatest revelation of wisdom.

Jesus taught his followers to help the poor, even to the extend of selling everything we own and giving it to them.  But he goes further, in terms of telling us to keep it secret as well!

There are times when people need to speak up, even if it means losing friends.  The sentimentalism of the Christmas season is a good illustration of that dilemma.  No one really wants to come across as a Scrooge, opposing all that is sweet and beautiful about Christmas.  But in matters of life and death (and particularly eternal life and death), it pays to take a long, hard look at the facts, and not let sentiment cloud our reason.