Can someone say good things about Jesus and still teach people to serve the devil?  Of course!  Can they do it and still be popular amongst evangelical Christians?  It probably depends on how much money is involved; because nothing unites evangelicals so much as the universal love of money.

Religious differences are often exaggerated in an attempt to extend one religious empire over another.  It may be God’s plan that we recognise the good in all religions, and use our similarities to move together toward more of the truth that God has revealed through Jesus.

Some bad answers to a good question:  What would Jesus do?  Sadly, most of the religious world doesn’t really know.

Sometimes criticisms seem unwarranted and over the top.  Why does this happen.  Well, in many cases, the answer is as simple as this.

For what it is worth, this is a fairly academic attempt to discuss the age-old question of just how much free will each of us has, and why it should make any difference one way or the other.

This article by an independent church pastor in Missouri warns against misuse of the Bible to win arguments.  Highly recommended.

The teaching about floating to heaven painlessly before the Tribulation starts is an extension of the “no works” teaching that is widely preached today.  The extreme grace position is that there should be no “troubles” (Tribulation) and no discipline (works) if we are to be truly saved.  But does the Bible really teach against doing good works?

"We are not going to find our way through the spiritual traps that lie ahead without, at some point, being called upon to question the status quo."  This quote from System Worship sums up the main thrust of the article.

The following article comes from a brother who refers to himself as “a wilderness voice”.  It addresses the deception of temple worship, and our need to be looking for a better city in these last days.

How many of us know what it actually means to be born again?  The real deal has been tarnished by shallow assembly-line imitations.  Don’t be fooled by them!

Would you believe that there are tens of thousands of false prophets in the world today?  And would you be even more surprised to learn that there are an equal number of false christs?  The masks are ripped off in this simple test for identifying them.

Twenty-one sayings of Jesus are contrasted with a one-sentence summary of what you are most likely to hear being said on each of those 21 topics in the average church today.  Check to see which side you are on!

There are no easy answers to all of the arguments that rage between professing Christians; but this article gives some practical tips on how to distinguish between full-blown heresy, and just human misunderstandings.

Is the Bible perfect? Is there any difference between being inspired and infallible? Read this article, and be prepared for some shocking insight!

Any journey can be frustrating if you don’t really know where you are going.  In this Bible study we note that Jesus knew where his journey was going to end; we need to get a similar vision to what he had.  “Foolish” as it may seem to the rest of the world, dying for love is what Christianity is all about… and it’s the only thing that will really save the world.

Are you building God’s kingdom?  or your own?  We must never forget the difference, for if it’s not what he is building, all our efforts are in vain.