In this article I will very briefly examine five problems that I have with the Once Saved Always Saved message (sometimes abbreviated OSAS).  

This article explores five ways in which people are being heavily conditioned to accept the cashless society - through rhetoric, reason, ridicule, repetition and, lastly, through reality itself.  And it concludes with what we need to do in order to take a stand against this.

Some rather simple truths are lost in The Revelation simply because whenever people read the word “command” or “commandment”, they think of what Moses gave the Children of Israel, and not of what Jesus gave the Children of God.  Let’s set the record straight.

This is a verrry short article that says nothing about the Mark of the Beast.  Yet it perfectly explains why God has drawn the line at people taking the Mark (to be used for all buying and selling), as the ultimate insult to Him.

Integrity is not measured by success so much as it is measured by a willingness to honestly do our best.

There is some serious persecution ahead for those of us who wish to be faithful to God in these last days.  A great way to prepare for that time is to let ourselves be misunderstood right now.  We do that by fasting, praying, and helping others in secret.  The world thinks the worst about us (that we don’t perform such acts of piety) if they like, and in the process God is glorified.

Nothing disturbs more people quite so much as someone who has it together better than them.  So in your search for the truth, be aware of the problems that may come with finding it.

There is an amazing paradox, where people actually achieve more by letting go of their attachment to certain ends.  It can be applied in many areas of life, including our own survival.

Maybe we have it all wrong when it comes to measuring success.  Maybe the bad days are really the good ones.  Read on to see why...

What ever happened to good old-fashioned character?

Moral "adults" are people who are capable of growing spiritually without being forced to do so. Such people are surprisingly rare.  Ask yourself when was the last time that you admitted that you were wrong about something, without someone else having to point it out to you.

This may be the single most important article on this entire site. It gives you seven amazing and practical tips for how to survive without working for money. We call it “living by faith”, and some of us have been doing it for quite a few years. Make this article the number one item in your End Time Survival Kit!

God talks to people today.  And learning to listen to him is our most important job.  Eight simple ways to recognise God’s voice will help you whenever you have an important decision to make… and may even help with some of the little decisions as well.

Are you sick of religion?  If so, you are in good company, because after you study the things that Jesus taught, you will see that he was pretty much against all religion… or at least that he had something better than religion.  Unfortunately (as he predicted) there are a lot of religious people today who say they are following him when they really haven’t got a clue. 

The first half of this article was written 14 years ago, long before ISIS had ever been heard of. Nevertheless, it expresses some of the frustration that governments around the world are facing in an even greater way now, with terrorism in general and suicide bombers/killers in particular.  What we need is a better cause to die for… a loving cause rather than a killing one.

The Bible said that the Antichrist would deceive God’s “elect” people… if it were possible.  What is it that makes this impossible?  And what does it mean to be “elected” by God?  Some very deep spiritual truths are covered here.

The world is fast becoming more open in its selfishness, greed, lust, pride, dishonesty, and bigotry.  One by one, each of these things have ceased to be valued by the general public and former vices have become the new virtues, where everyone wants to be seen as selfish, greedy, promiscuous, proud, etc.  We are fast moving toward a show-down between good and evil.

The saddest thing about the direction in which the world is heading, is that everyone is fighting what they should be embracing.  Fear makes us run from true faith, and makes us fight against true love.  As a consequence, ‘good’ is being called ‘evil’, while ‘evil’ is exalted as being ‘good’.

When Jesus returns, bringing his kingdom to earth as it is in heaven, only those who have already been born into it will partake of it in all its glory.  Sadly, much of the supposedly Christian world today is more obsessed with lesser kingdoms, and faces the serious possibility of missing out altogether.

Are you plucking leaves from the tree of evil because you don’t have the courage to hack at its roots?  If you are, don’t expect God to be impressed, no matter how much you achieve.